Depois de um período de quase 10 anos no gênero tech house, Thomas Gold retorna à sua origem com o novo alias AU-1.

Em uma entrevista bacana ao site Dancing Astronaut, Thomas explica o motivo do retorno, significado do AU-1 e outras coisas.

Confira os principais pontos:

“I don’t want to copy/paste myself. I want to evolve my sound, within the limits of course, and according to what is going on out there….If you want to stay out there and be relevant you of course have to do a little more than that, and I mean doing tracks like “Begin Again” — I am happy to do those….So that is the Thomas Gold concept – still commercial and big room, but progressive house-inspired.”

“We were playing around with that name [AU-1], and we were like, ‘how could we give some hints?’ And the releases are done already . . . But this is all house and tech house. It doesn’t interfere or clash with Thomas Gold, and I will not mix up my sets.”

“AU is the symbol for gold. It means aurum, and it is on the periodic table. The one is just to make it look a little bit better. The good thing is starting with A, you are always on the top of a lineup. Thomas Gold is always at the bottom of the list.”

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